R45: The Reversal (0.17oz size)


  • R45: The Reversal (0.17oz size)
  • R45: The Reversal (0.17oz size)
  • R45: The Reversal (0.17oz size)

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3-Phase Skin Transforming Treatment

A complete age reversal, in less than 45 days.

R45 The Reversal’s patented 3-phase Titration Therapy™ breaks through the anti-aging plateaus other products encounter, allowing your skin to access concentrations of active ingredients at clinical levels never before possible. Push your skin to achieve visible, lasting results with R45 The Reversal, a system so powerful you only need to use it 2–3 times a year.

Traditional single concentration serums work initially, but results decline as soon as the skin adjusts and plateaus. Each level of R45 is engineered to push your skin through to the next level of transformation for maximum, visible change.

  • Clinically proven to address all four benchmarks of aging – reduce wrinkles, fade spots, reduce the appearance of pores and improve skin tone unevenness
  • 100% of clinical trial participants saw visible change in their skin


Designed for skin with visible signs of aging.


  • A patented 3-phase treatment with increasing concentrations of key ingredients that push skin's performance to break through anti-aging plateaus, resulting in a visibly younger, firmer complexion
  • Proprietary Regeneration Complex and Growth Factor Stimulant (GFS) Serum are housed in separate airless containers to remain stable at maximum concentrations and combine during application to work synergistically in the deepest layers of the skin


Recommended for use once a day in the evening.


Remember: R45’s results are powered by potent ingredients. Follow along with the provided how-to for best results: After Phase 1, advance to Phase 2 and conclude with Phase 3. Results are cumulative. Do not start with Phase 3.

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