R45: The Reversal Phase 4 (0.17oz size)


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The most concentrated phase from the R45 multi-phase beauty treatment.


Designed for skin with visible signs of aging.


  • Increasing concentrations of key ingredients to help address the look of fine wrinkles, skin tone evenness, pores, and skin spots for overall younger-looking skin
  • Wrinkle-filler alternative (helps plump wrinkles)
  • Titration Therapy mitigates the traditional side effects associated with highly active Vitamin A products
  • Proprietary mixture of Vitamin A and peptides; formulated to help address many major aspects of aging including wrinkles, skin tone evenness, pores, and skin spots; optimizes the epidural layers of the skin and assists with your natural cell turnover
  • Retinoid concentration in Phase 4 is 67% more concentrated than Phase 3; Phase 4 is the highest level of concentration within RetinoSyn-45's Titration Therapy


Use at night for 2 weeks after completing Phase 3 from R45: The Reversal (sold separately).


Order of application: - Cleanse with a gentle cleanser. - Use a pump of A and a pump of B on Phase 1 nightly (sold separately). - Once 2 weeks have elapsed, switch over to Phase 2 (sold separately) and repeat process until finished with Phase 3 (sold separately), moving on to Phase 4 if desired.

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